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Introduction to Informatics for Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to informatics I
Introduction to Informatics II


Computer Graphics I is the basic principles lecture for Computer Graphics and the only prerequisite for all other lectures of this chair, with the exception of CG IV. You can attend the other lectures in arbitrary order, if you passed CG I.


Computer Graphics I

2 + 2 SWS, 5 LP, WS
- Basic principles of computer graphics
- Creating interactive 3D applications
Ma (Ba)

Computer Graphics II

2 + 2 SWS, 5 LP, SS
- Geometric Modeling Techniques
- Animation
From summer semester 21 at the chair Media Informatics

Computer Graphics III

2 + 1 SWS, 5 LP, WS
- Advanced computer graphics algorithms
- Photorealism and visual effects
Ma (Ba)

Scientific Visualization

2 + 1 SWS, 5 LP, WS
- Representation of medical, scientific and technical data
- Interactive techniques and 3D visualization

Virtual Reality

2  +  1 SWS, 5 LP, SS
- Basic principles of human cognition in Virtual Reality Systems
- Creation of immersive applications in the VR Lab 

Computer Graphics IV

2  +  1 SWS, 5 LP, SS
Starting SS15. No computer graphics knowledge necessary! This lecture also aims specifically at students of other disciplines.
- Programming of graphics processing units (GPUs)
- Graphics-independent  programming interfaces CUDA, OpenCL

Practical Courses

You can participate in the practical training courses in arbitrary order als long as you passed CG I. For the Practical Training "3D Modeling and Animation" CG I is not a requirement. For project groups it is recommended  to have already collected extended experience, as e.g. through the Computer Graphics Practical Training course or other advanced lectures.


Practical Training
"3D Modeling and Animation"

2 SWS, 5 LP, WS+SS 
- Maya: 3D modeling and animation software
- Production of amimated sequences

Computer Graphics Practical Training

3 SWS, 5 LP, WS
- Graphics programming with OpenGL
- GUI programming with Qt
Seminar - Current topics in computer graphics
- Preparing and presenting scientific topics
For master students at least one more lecture from the area of computer graphics is expected.
Project Group 
- Yearlong  development of a larger project in a team
- Intresting challenges from computer graphics and related topics