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Term Paper

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The Cutting Edge Research module is offered in the form of a lecture series. In the context of weekly lectures, professors and staff members of computer science present the basic concepts, ideas and results of current research projects at the University of Siegen. Where necessary, the relevant theoretical, conceptual and practical foundations are also provided. In the course of a subsequent discussion, the students explore open questions and problems of the respective lecture topic and discuss application potentials, further development possibilities and limits of the presented techniques and solutions.The students write a report/term paper that summarizes and evaluates a selected lecture topic. The report/term paper will be submitted after the end of the lecture series in the lecture-free period.

Each presentation will be around 70'. We expect the students to actively participate into the 20' discussion, which is individuelly organized by the lecturer.

Course Material

Course schedule and material and topics for the term paper will be provided via moodle.

Term Paper

The term paper topics will be announced after the last lecture. The topics relate to the research presented by the professors and staff members. Preparing the term paper involves the collection of background information (mainly online scientific resources and papers), the (re-)organization of the information according to the given topics and questions in order to get a consistent and comprehensive argumentation, and writing the term paper itself. The target length of the term paper is 2500 to 4000 words.