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Virtual Reality

2021 Sommersemester
Online via Moodle
SWS: 2+1, CP: 4
Recommended for: 
Computer Science Master
Examination Type: 
Oral 20-40 Min.; prerequisite: project task


Virtual Reality is an application field of the interaction between humans and technology. Participants will be enabled to the subject Computer Graphics to the application field of Virtual Reality and create hardware specific configurations.


  • Basics, expecially immersion, control flow, components of a VR application
  • Human perception, eye, ear and bodily perception
  • VR-hardware: Display devices, motion capturing, input devices, feedback, acoustic feedback.
  • Special aspects of Computer Graphics: Stereo projection, mesh-streaming and -reduction, LOD's
  • 3D-scanning: Image based procedures, laser scanning, mechanical digitizer
  • Slides

Lecture Material

Via Moodle

Tutorial Location / Tutorial Time: 
Room: H-A 7118 Time: Mo. 9:00 - 10:00

In the process of the lab exercises questions concerning the general understanding are answered as well as simple arithmetical problem exercises are solved.

Important Hints for HCI Students

Regarding the process for taking the examination, the process is as follows.


Prior to registration to an examination, all students have to successfully complete a project work. While students in Fak IV have to register for this pre-requisite, this is technically not possible for HCI students. Therefore, in case you do not take the examination directly after the semester you completed the project work, ask your tutor for a certificate.
Further details on the project are give during the course.


The examination is oral and the registration process is as follows:

  1. The examinee contacts the lecturer and makes an appointment for the examination.
  2. The examiner informs the examination office Fak III that an examination is due and indicates the date of the examination and the registration period / semester.
  3. The examination office Fak III creates the examination record in UNISONO so that the students can register for the examination.
  4. The examinee registers for the examination in UNISONO
  5. The examiner receives the registration list from the examination office Fak III; only students who have registered for the examination may then take part in the examination.
  6. After the examination, the examiner enters the grades in UNISONO.