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Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) allows users to work interactively in a simulated virtual environment. Using large-scale projection, user position tracking and audio techniques, the lab creates a realistic representation of virtual objects and environments. The user can interact and move as he would in the real world.

VR techniques have many application areas, for example in architecture and product design. In these areas, a realistic impression of the object is the main goal. For other areas, such as ergonomics testing or training in the use of complex machinery, a realistic reproduction of the funcionality of objects is more important. Other application areas include safety training, medical diagnostics and operation planning, and digital media productions.

The VR lab at the University of Siegen can be used both for interactive studies with multiple participating users, and for presentations for larger groups.in an appealing environment.

The technical equipment of the lab includes a 11m² backprojection screen driven by a powerful active stereo projector as well as multiple current head-mounted display (HMD) devices such as the HTC Vive.

The QVR software framework currently in developement and in active use in our lab is available at https://marlam.de/qvr.

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