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Particle Level Sets


Level sets are used for the representation and evolution of closed surfaces. Grid-based level sets offer a good global representation which deals well with topological changes, but they suffer from numerical diffusion, whereas particle-based methods preserve details more accurately but introduce the problem of unequal global representation. The particle level set (PLS) method combines the advantages of both approaches by interchanging the information between the grid and the particles.

This work presents an enhanced PLS approach which fully maps to the GPU. Improvements w.r.t. the original PLS technique include a sub-voxel interface representation and an accurate level set correction using more precise particle radii. Compared to a public CPU-based reference implementation, our method achieves both, higher performance and superior quality in terms of volume preservation.

As a concrete application we demonstrate that our fast and accurate PLS is also well-suited for the visualization of dynamic flows.

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