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Flow Visualization


Vector field Visualization of  Advective-Diffusive Flows

Many flow phenomena like microscopic mixing and Maragoni convection are due to the complex interplay of advective and diffusive transport of concentrations. By decomposing fluxes into a concentration and a velocity based part, we allow for a vector field visualization of advective-diffusive fluxes using integral lines.

GPU-based Visualization of Unsteady Flow Data Sets

Stream, path and streak lines are known to be very useful for the visualization of unsteady flows. Despite their importance in practice, appropriate algorithms suited for contemporary hardware are rare. In particular, the adaptive construction of the different line types is not sufficiently studied.

This work provides a profound representation and discussion of stream, path and streak lines. Two algorithms are proposed for efficiently and accurately generating these lines using modern graphics hardware. Each includes a scheme for adaptive time-stepping. The adaptivity for stream and path lines is achieved through a new processing idea we call selective transform feedback. The adaptivity for streak lines combines adaptive time-stepping and a geometric refinement of the curve itself. The approach is evaluated by applying it to analytically defined and texture-based examples.

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