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Computergraphik II

2019 Sommersemester
H-C 6321, Thursday, 10:00 - 12:00
SWS: 2+2, LP: 5
Recommended for: 
Ba Inf, Ma BI, Ma Inf, Ma MI
Computergraphik I (recommended)
Examination Type: 
Written exam, 120 min.; prerequisite: 50% of tutorial points

August 23, 2019:

The post exam review takes place on Sept. 06, 10:00 to 11:00 am in H-A-7109.

June 24, 2019:

Examination date is on July 29, approx. 09:00 to 11:00 am in H-C 6321.

Please check the examination dates for changes (http://www.eti.uni-siegen.de/dekanat/studium/pruefungsaemter/index.html).

June 24, 2019:

There will be an extra lesson for questions on July 24 (Wednesday) from 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm in room H-F 104/105.
We will discuss questions that you have sent at least 3 days before the discussion date.

March 20, 2019:

The first lecture will take place on Apr 04.

The first practice sheet will be uploaded on Apr 04 (http://www.cg.informatik.uni-siegen.de/de/computergraphik-ii-2019s).
Please hand in your solved practice sheet by Apr 11 10:00 am.
The first exercise will take place on Apr 18 (discussion of the first practice sheet).


Building on the basic understanding of the generative 3D-Computer Graphics teaching of CG-I, this lecture develops the basic outline aspects of geometric modelling and animation. Participants will learn the basic context of Computer Graphics and are taught to develop a simple, interactive 3D-application on their own.


  • Freeform curves and -surfaces
  • Polygon meshes
  • Modelling techniques
  • Implizite Flächen
  • Subdivision curves and -surfaces
  • Keyframe animation
  • Multiple section models

Lecture Material



Tutorial Location / Tutorial Time: 
H-F 104/05, Thursday, 12:00 - 14:00

In the course of the lab work questions concerning the calculating assignments and lecture content are answered, and simple algorithmic problems and programming tasks in C/C++ are executed.

A mandatory, binding registration in the unisono for one of the lab times is requested.

Practice Sheets For students of Mathematics and of Computer Science beginning with Examination Regulations of 2006 the lab exercises are mandatory and is considered a prerequisite. As a precondition for participation in the written examination you have to score at least 50% of the obtainable points. The number of points are listed on each examination sheet.

Contact Persons and Office Hours:

Contact persons are primarily the tutors. Please contact the lecturer only in case of doubt. Please note the office hours.

Name E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kolb (Dozent) andreas.kolb@uni-siegen.de
M. Sc. Markus Kluge (Organisation) markus.kluge@uni-siegen.de
M. Sc. Dmitri Presnov (Organisation) dmitri.presnov@uni-siegen.de
Jan Mußmann (Tutor) jan.mussmann@student.uni-siegen.de

News Group and Mailing List

Questions regarding the lecture material should be asked primarily in our lab time and newsgroups (uni-siegen.cg). Under Linux you can use, e.g., the handy client pan. To do this enter your name and e-mail address in the pan setup wizard. The server address is news.uni-siegen.de. Then the newsgroups which come under uni-siege.cg are automatically downloaded.
Notice: Access is possible from outside of the University! For this you can use your HRZ-login data.

Our group has also set up a mailing list, in order to forward event information concerning directly to the persons affected and interested, resp.


  • Akenine-Möller und Haines: Real-Time Rendering, AK Peters, 2008
  • Eberly: 3D Game Engine Design, Morgan Kaufman, 2006
  • Parent: Computer Animation -- Algorithms and Techniques, Morgan Kaufmann, 2012
  • Watt und Policarpo: 3D Games -- Realtime Rendering und SW Technology, Addision Wesley, 2001
  • Bungartz, Griebel und Zenger: Einführung in die Computergraphik, Vieweg, 2002