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Project group: Neural Post Processing of 3D rendered Scenes



Winter Term 23/24 and summer term 24


Recommended for:



Knowledge of fundamental concepts in Computer Graphics and Machine/Deep Learning

Examination Type:

Study achievement


The goal of this project group is to enhance the output of a 3D renderer. In standard rendering, adding more details to synthetic images usually requires exponentially more computational power.

[A scene from GTA V where the filter is applied only on the right side of the image] Richter, et al. 2021

[An image rendered into different styles] Gatys, et al. 2015


In this project group, we want to leverage the power of neural networks as a post processor. This can be done to transfer the rendered output into different artistic styles or enhance the realism of the scene.
Additionally, it can also be used to apply various effects such as motion blur or depth of field. Aside from the quality improvements, a neural post processor can also be used to improve the rendering performance by applying super resolution or neural denoising on a low-sampled rendered output.

There are several potential challenges, such as maintaining the temporal coherence of the refined rendering output between different frames (e.g. for a moving camera), to ensure smooth transitions between the consecutive frames without visible artifacts.


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