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Dr.-Ing. Marvin Lindner


Universität Siegen
Lehrstuhl für Computergrafik
57076 Siegen


Technical Reports

[bib] - Roberto Cespi, Andreas Kolb, Marvin Lindner - Hand Tracking based on Hierarchical Clustering of Range Data
In Technical Report , Computer Graphics Group, University of Siegen, 2011
 - [pdf]


Articles/Journal Papers

[bib] - M. Lindner, I. Schiller, A. Kolb, R. Koch - Time-of-Flight Sensor Calibration for Accurate Range Sensing
In Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 114(12), 2010, pages 1318 -- 1328

PhD Thesis

[bib] - Marvin Lindner - Calibration and Realtime Processing of Time-of-Flight Range Data
In PhD Thesis, Computer Graphics Group, University of Siegen, 2010 - [pdf]


Conference Papers

[bib] - Iurie Chiosa, Andreas Kolb, Nicolas Cuntz, Marvin Lindner - Parallel Mesh Clustering
In Proc. Eurographics Symp. on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV), 2009, pages 33-40 - [pdf]
[bib] - M. Lindner, A. Kolb - Compensation of Motion Artifacts for Time-of-Flight Cameras
In Proc. Dynamic 3D Imaging, Springer, 2009, pages 16-27


Articles/Journal Papers

[bib] - M. Lindner, M. Lambers, A. Kolb - Data Fusion and Edge-Enhanced Distance Refinement for 2D RGB and 3D Range Images
In Int. J. on Intell. Systems and Techn. and App. (IJISTA), Issue on Dynamic 3D Imaging, 5(1), 2008, pages 344 - 354 - [pdf]

Conference Papers

[bib] - M. Lindner, A. Kolb, T. Ringbeck - New Insights into the Calibration of TOF Sensors
In IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Workshop on ToF Camera based Computer Vision (TOF-CV), 2008, pages 1-5 - [pdf]


Conference Papers

[bib] - M. Lindner, A. Kolb - Calibration of the intensity-related distance error of the PMD TOF-Camera
In SPIE: Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXV, 6764, 2007, pages 6764-35 - [pdf]
[bib] - M. Lindner, A. Kolb, K. Hartmann - Data-Fusion of PMD-Based Distance-Information and High-Resolution RGB-Images
In Proc. of the Int. IEEE Symp. on Signals, Circuits & Systems (ISSCS), 1, 2007, pages 121 - 124 - [pdf]


Conference Papers

[bib] - Marvin Lindner, Andreas Kolb - Lateral and Depth Calibration of PMD-Distance Sensors
In Advances in Visual Computing, Springer, 2, 2006, pages 524-533 - [pdf]